What is Yoga?

What is yoga? Is it merely practising complicated Asanas for controlling the body and the  mind?

When we hear the word yoga, most of the times what appears in front of our eyes is a set of dynamic asanas appearing as if demonstrating supernatural phenomena, twisting and turning complicated postures. But asanas is only one Anga of yoga.

Patanjali’s Framework on Asanas:

Patanjali formed the system of Ashtanga yoga and elaborated this system in Patanjalayogadarshana which is considered to be the oldest text on Yoga.
Patanjali in his Patanjalayogadarshana defined the whole concept asanas in just one aphorism,
Sthirasukhamasanama to be perfected with Prayatnashaithilyananta Samapattibhayama. That is, easy and pleasurable body posture to be attained with minimum physical and mental efforts.

Hence Yoga is the real science of human personality. It considers the whole field of personality including it’s various aspects such as physical, physiological, emotional, behavioral, environmental and social aspects.

The 3rd and 4th limb of Patanjali’s yoga includes a very efficient system of yogic postural and controlled and disciplined yogic breathing techniques which promotes health and vigour of the skeletal as well as deep seated smooth muscles and the organs contained in the thoracic cavity as well as the abdominal cavities.

The yogic techniques practiced while performing asanas have a great preventive, curative, restorative and relaxation value.

Yogic breathing is observed to have remarkable physiological effects on various systems of the body, including the nervous system thus affecting the whole physic positively.

The teachings of Yama, Niyama and Pratyahara by Patanjali brings about emotional stability and the happiest behavioral adjustment of an individual with his surrounding environment.
Stability and calmness of the mind brings peace within and about the individual, such individuals can influence society with their own example by bringing about better understanding and more intimate relations between the people of different nations, thus, ultimately making yourself and the whole world peaceful and blissful.

So let’s dive deep into this amazing discipline of Yoga.

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