Sleep Paralysis :

Sleep paralysis is a condition when a person is falling asleep or in a wakeful state, is unable to move any part of his body but able to hear,feel things or see things which are not there.I have experienced sleep paralysis many times during the morning hours just few minutes the alarm is about to beep.This is really a scary place to be as I feel I am dead. Why this is scary? you cant move your legs,hands or cant even open your eyes.I feel like screaming but hey the tongue is not moving and no words are coming out.Scary isnt it?However Sleep paralysis and Lucid dreaming are not the same.

Few people experience hallucinations with strange creatures sitting on their chest.It feels like a near death experience.

sleep paralysis picture

Studies say that close to 8% of general population are affected by sleep paralysis.

There’s not any denying that sleep paralysis is still a frightening and horrific encounter, but there’s no real threat. You wont die from it. There haven’t been any clinical trials reported until now. Tell yourself it’s simply a fantasy and this isn’t real. It could feel as though forever, however the further you stay positive, the less frightening it is going to be.

How I have been able to overcome the fear of sleep paralysis :

Since sleep paralysis is a scary experience , especially if it comes over and over for many days .This is what I did to overcome that fear . Whenever I get sleep paralysis for a day , it usually repeats for few more days. The same night before hitting the bed I give autosuggestions to my mind that things going to be fine.I reiterate to myself that it will just last for a minute or two and Ill be back and it works for me.You can try it too.

Is it same as Lucid Dreaming?

Nope, not at all. Lucid dreaming is a state where the person is in actually dreaming and is in full control of the body.He/she can do what ever he intends to do in the dream[kind of a fantasy is’nt it?]. Having said that sleep paralysis is not a dream.The body and consciousness is in a wake full state and the person can see,hear,smell the surroundings.

Sleep ParalysisLucid Dreaming
The person is in wakeful state

The person is dreaming.

Cannot move hands, legs,eyes,or speak

Can move all parts of the body and is in full control in dream

sometimes traumatic experience

Person can experience fantasy, happiness most of the times in this state.

No clinical deaths reported

No clinical deaths reported

Person can experience breathing difficulties

No such things reported

This is an involuntary experience

There is voluntary response of the mind involved in Lucid dreaming

Story of Arjuna’s Dream from Mahabharatha

arjuna dream in mahabharatha

In mahabharatha there was a point when Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu was killed and got killed in the chakravyuha.That evening when Arjuna comes to know about Abhimanyu’s death , he took a vow that by the next day’s sunset, he is going to kill Saindhava. Saindhava was the one who killed Abhimanyu.

That night Lord Krishna puts Arjuna to sleep[Who would sleep on the day of son’s death?] .Arjuna went to deep sleep. That moment Krishna took Arjuna[his energy body] to Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva. Krishna gets very important weapons [Mantra’s] to Arjuna via Shiva[This is what called ‘Yuddha kale Shasthrabhyasa’] and gets him back to the place he is sleeping.

Next morning Arjuna wakes up to realise that he is having many important mantra’s at the tip of his tongue.This is one of the instances of Astral travels mentioned in Mahabharatha.

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