Are we living the rat race?

Often in our lives we run so much behind money that we forget who we are…

Those project deadlines,business calls,bumpy roads,commute to office often makes our life mechanical.

Peer pressure,society pressure, ego’s makes us want to buy that expensive phone,costly dresses,expensive cars which we really dont need.

Have we really lost ourselves in this rat race?



Few tips to live life with a sense fulfillment :

  • Don’t Limit yourself to defining fulfillment by others standards.
  • Remove negative people from your life.They literally drain and suck the life out of you,seriously.Surrounding yourself with positive people helps you to have a sense of purpose.
  • Don’t measure life with the money you have,the phones you own.A poor man can be happy and a rich man can be unhappy.
  • Give more to society.Take up teaching,join an NGO,distribute food to the needy.Try this and thank me later.
  • Give time for yourself.Spend atleast 10 minutes doing meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Count your blessings. Have an attitude of gratitude.Every morning think of all the good things you have , you have been blessed with.

Fulfillment in Life:

Popular guru from Iskcon,Gaur gopal das explains in a wonderful way on how to have fulfillment in life.

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