Want to get in a workout but don’t have enough motivation to start? Want to put that yoga mat– that your office gifted you – to use but feel you don’t have the time? Want to stretch and squat in the comfort of your home so you can workout in pyjamas instead, without the demands of joining a gym? Don’t have enough space to practice yoga or workout? Not sure if you can keep up with a routine of running or cycling 5kms everyday? Want to shed kilos before your bestie’s wedding or melt an inch off your waistline so that you can fit into your favourite pair of denims? Fret not – let the Suryanamaskar come to your rescue!

Yoga pose by Apoorva Jayarajan

Benefits of SuryaNamaskar:

If you’re still curious and not sold on the idea of a Suryanamaskar workout completely, let me give you 12 reasons why you should practice them daily!

The word “Sun Salutation” means to give a word of thanks to the Sun – the giver of energy, vitality and new life to this planet. Doing so early in the morning, helps you to absorb this energy and imbibe these qualities in your body, absolutely free of charge!

When done at a slow pace, the postures in a Suryanamaskar help to tone and strengthen the body and make you more flexible and balanced in the body and the mind.

You can also speed up the pace of the postures, by regulating your breath accordingly and treat yourself to a cardio workout. Just play a bit of your favorite music, and move along with these postures to get your heart rate up, work up a sweat, and help detox your mind and body.

Did you know that the Suryanamaskar aids the working of every system in your body? Right from the digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system , nervous system, lymphatic system, endocrine system and to even your skeletal and muscular system? It helps to correct and cure any underlying issues or insignificant internal deficiencies to make your body healthy from the inside.

As a consequence, there’s more oxygen in your blood, which leads to better circulation in your cardiovascular system in the body, stronger lungs and a healthy heart.

A happy internal body automatically means happy and healthy skin that is free of acne, pimples, itches, breakouts and diseases!

You’re more relaxed and at peace internally which makes you sleep better if you’re suffering from insomnia or other related issues as the Suryanamaskar works as an instant anti – depressant, anti-anxiety pill and has a calming effect on your mental and emotional health.

It helps with Weight loss! Yes, everyone looking for the one stop solution to shedding weight, or burning calories and reducing belly fat, a Suryanamaskar helps with exactly that! One round of Suryanamaskar burns approximately 14 calories (roughly) so you can imagine the amount of calories burnt by practicing One set – i.e. 1 time on each side of the body for 12 times every day.

Girls, if you’re suffering from PCOD or PCOS commonly known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, you can practice the Suryanamaskar daily to control and improve the functioning of the ovaries to have happier periods and better sexual health.

A Suryanamaskar helps with posture correction and makes your spine flexible and healthy. If you’re having a sedentary lifestyle which forces you to sit on your tailbone for long hours and causes back pain or lower back issues, a Suryanamaskar will do wonders to reverse those effects.

Suffering from hair fall issues? Practice your Suryanamaskar daily! The postures in the Suryanamaskar are specifically designed to improve blood circulation throughout the body and that includes the hair follicles as well. They also help prevent premature graying of hair and you maintain a healthy mane on top of your head.

Psychologically, these postures help you to calm your mind and connect it to the body and help touch deeper into your soul while melting away all your anxiety, stress and allowing you to relax and rejuvenate.

So all in all, a Suryanamaskar helps you from tip to toe! Here’s to deepening our stretches, lengthening our breaths and squeezing more sets in!

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