A Beginner’s Guide to Sleep Tracker

After a long and tiring day, all that comes to the mind is sound sleep. Getting comfy in the bed and slowly drifting into the dream world is one of the best feelings of life.

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But the question is, are you able to take 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily? Do you feel energetic enough in the next morning? Do you look forward to your workplace or feel doomed?

These days the heavy workload and tight schedule didn’t allow people to rest and relax for long. Feeling exhausted all the time, tiredness and sleep deprivation have become very common. 3 out of 5 people today are suffering from the same issues.

It is an alarming situation which could ultimately lead to serious health problems.
A sound sleep of at least 6 hours in a day is enough to relax the mind and sustain the fitness.

If you want to track the patterns of your sleep and get the know-how of your sleeping habits a sleep tracker could become your ultimate choice.

What are the sleep trackers?

Being fit, hale and hearty should be the foremost priority of every individual. It’s good that people these days are very concerned about their health. The flourishing gyms, yoga classes, Zumba classes and other physical training institutes are the live example.

However, no matter how hard you exhaust yourself with the training sessions, if you are not able to get a sound sleep, everything is futile. This is when sleep trackers come to rescue.

Sleep trackers, also called activity trackers are the small gadgets that tell how well you are sleeping. Apart from this, it also provides you with the details of your sleeping habits.

They are small devices looking more like wristband or watches. Coming in different colors and designs, sleep tracking devices have become a new cool.

You can use the sleep tracking device entire night and get the information regarding your sleeping pattern in the next morning. They are equipped with long battery life so that they could function for 7 to 8 hours in a stretch.

The best thing about sleep trackers is they do not come only in the form of gadget. A large number of Android and iOS apps are also available to download and use.

How does sleep tracker work?

It is very obvious to get curious about your sleeping pattern. This is the reason why people are very fascinated by the idea of wearing a sleep tracker and getting information about their sleeping habits.

The sleep study conducted in labs is called as polysomnography where a large number of instruments are used. However, if you want to study it by yourself, all that you need is a sleep tracker tied in your wrist.

The internal components and the mechanics involved in the device would help in monitoring the sleeping habits.

Sleep tracker is equipped with a measuring device known as an accelerometer. As soon you asleep, it comes to action and starts recording your movements.

This entire process is termed as actigraphy and is the key component in discovering the sleeping pattern of an individual.

The core idea behind actigraphy is when you are completely still, you are asleep. Likewise, the movements in the body correspond with being awake.

Accelerometer, apart from recording the speed of your movements, also follows the direction of your move. Moreover, some devices are equipped with “sleep mode” with the help of which you can tell your device that now you are going to sleep and it should start functioning.

Are sleep trackers accurate?

The accuracy of sleep trackers varies from device to device. There are different companies indulged in the manufacturing of sleep trackers. Those who are trying to make easily affordable and inexpensive devices generally equip them with fewer features and less sensitivity.

It is not always necessary that a slight movement while sleeping means you are awake. Sometimes people in deep slumber move as well. If the sleep tracker counts it as a moment of being awake, it gives wrong information.

No matter how expensive your sleep tracker is, you still can’t compare its accuracy with different scientific equipment used in the sleep labs. Being handy, easy to afford, user-friendly and allowing you to monitor anywhere and anytime are some of the reasons why people love to splurge on them.


So, if you are facing troubles with sleep and not feeling fresh and vibrant the next morning, studying your sleeping pattern could help in improving it.

There are many sleep tracking devices and apps available today to choose which are easy to use, require a minimum set up and bequeath accurate results.

However, if the problem is severe, consulting the doctor is far better than relying just on a sleep tracker.

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