People did the unthinkable with horrifying behaviour for minor reasons, which will not even matter after few minutes. Killing someone can never be an excuse because of disturbance while sleeping. There are surely better and sensible ways to tackle this situation without harming anyone.This is a true incident of people Killing Others for Interrupting Their Sleep.

When Sleeping Becomes More Important Than Family

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It is true that sleep is equally important for each of us, but it is as valuable as someone’s life itself. It is really eccentric and petty if people tend to kill someone who interrupts their sleep.

This is a real incident where the man killed his elder brother, as he could not sleep peacefully.

This unbelievable incident took place in Chhattisgarh, where a person named Suresh Kumar dragged his brother out of their house and tied him to the electric pole in order to chop his hands and head. The victim named Chinturam was killed in front of the villagers, during the daytime.

Villagers gave a statement, which said that both brothers used to fight day in, day out. Chinturam (45) mostly initiated the fights as he used to bully his younger brother by singing songs and making fun.  The afternoon when the incident happened, both were sleeping in the same room. As usual, Chinturam started singing loud and this made Suresh so furious that he started beating Chinturam. This was a statement provided by their family.

After a point, the fight became so fervid that Chinturam picked up the axe to petrify Suresh.  Later, Suresh grabbed the axe and dragged Chinturam outside the house, but no one could help as Suresh warned that he might even kill if anyone came in between. This shows how people may end up losing their lives when they do not have the patient to tolerate one another.

A Man from Patna, Bihar Kills His Son for Disturbing His Sleep

This incident occurred in Belabadan village, which is 350km east to Patna. Mangal Sharma (35) was sleeping with his youngest son Adarsh Kumar, and at night, 2-year-old Adarsh began to cry. When the sound of the crying child deranged Mangal, he strangled the child by grabbing his neck. Later, he carried the body and dumped it in the close by rivulet.

Later, when his wife asked about her missing son, he only said that the child the crying. She figured it out that he must have done something cruel and hence she ran out hastily and found the body.

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Based on her statement, the police officials registered a case against her husband and the police arrested him for the crime, which he committed. Such incidents are very common in Bihar, and it is quite disheartening that the innocent people have to suffer and face these kinds of unfortunate incidents.

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