I was going through Amazon  to review few products related to Sleep . Many people were messaging me to review a good sleep mask and I thought Fom[Friends of Meditation] sleep mask as a good option to begin with.

Since my last trip to the US in January 2018, I felt I need to carry a sleep mask along with me. I do take neck support pillows whenever I travel by Air to sleep.

Incase if you are an Economy traveler like me then I recommend you to carry a neck support pillow and a sleep mask along with you to sleep during your travel.

Few Airways like Qatar airways do provide you with sleep masks, ear plugs etc but their quality is not so good.They are like use and throw kind of products.

Few things which I liked:

  • The product is silky smooth
  • I felt that the quality is really good
  • It has a strap using which you can adjust to fit your eyes
  • Once you wear it its pitch dark and cant see a thing
  • Good to wear during sleep during travel.
  • You can also wear it if your the room you are sleeping has lot of lights [e.g during afternoon]

Few things I did not like:

  • It is a bit overpriced compared to the other products available in the market.
  • I felt its not comfortable to wear it during meditation .This is subjective and you may find it comfortable to war.

Fom Eye Mask for Sleep : Product Review


Eye mask Smoothness


Comfort during usage









  • I felt its better not to use for meditation since I was feeling irritated with the band
  • Good quality and Product , but I felt its a bit over priced
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