Sleep Tracking Devices:

This is the era of technological hike and interventions. Internet, smartphones and different gadgets have made a sensation in the world. Tech giants are not leaving any stone unturned to match the pace and launch a new device every day.

With the help of technology, we can get every bit and pieces of information right from our home. Whether you want to what happened 10,000 km away or what is happening inside your body, the answer can be obtained by using a few simple devices.

Today, every company is on the verge of making highly usable gadgets for the people.  Sleep tracking devices are one such example that has made the life easy and free of hassles.

Gone are the days when you need to go to the doctor while facing sleeping issues. Doctors used to conduct Polysomnography- the study of sleep to find out the sleeping pattern and sleeping phases of the patients. However, now all that we need is a simple device either wearable or beside our sleeping area to fetch our sleeping information in the next morning.

What benefits do sleep trackers offer?

With the help of one high-quality sleep tracking device, you get an insight into-

  • Your sleeping behavior
  • Other activities correlated with sleeping like snoring, sleep talks and much more
  • Your intake of caffeine and alcohol corresponding with sleep
  • Stress and anxiety

With so many perks, sleep trackers are becoming one of the most used gadgets these days. Since people are becoming highly conscious these days related to their fitness regimen, getting one high-grade, user-friendly and reasonably sound sleep tracking gadget helps them manifold.

If you are also looking for some of the most viable and useful sleep trackers of the time, the content below will help you to a great extent. Here, after carefully reviewing many sleep trackers we have enlisted the five best products in the category.

So let us take a sneak peek into their most promising features and specifications.

  1. GOQii Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching

When it comes to sleep trackers or fitness trackers, the products coming from GOQii have taken a toll over the market. The gadgets from this brand are highly reliable and worth your every penny. This product is no exception as it encompasses every vital feature that elevates its value.

The best thing about the device is you don’t only get the information regarding your sleep, but it works the whole day to provide you with every detail about your body.

Being a fitness tracker as well, it endows information like-

  • Heart rate
  • Daily steps
  • Calories burnt
  • Distance covered
  • Active hours
  • Sleep pattern

Thus you can call it one versatile device providing multiple functionalities.

Let us now take get know-how about the significant features of this product.

  • It comprises a large OLED display where you get different information.
  • It utilizes Bluetooth version 4.0 BLE and above in phone to get synced and provide the data.
  • Once connected the users can also get the notifications of Whatsapp, email, SMS or call in this device.
  • Since it is equipped with an integrated USB charger, there is no need of getting a separate charger for the device. All that you need is connecting it with the USB port of laptop or power bank to fill the battery.
  • The battery life is long and didn’t drain for 6 to 7 days.

Backed with a warranty against all manufacturing defects in the complete duration of the subscription, it makes a great product to consider. Being highly usable and perfect to get the sleeping patterns, it can fulfill every need of the individuals.

The best thing about GOQii is they have their own health store. Their collaboration with different online food pharmacy, healthy food delivery and much more make it easy to take further measures to improve the lifestyle.

Other than this, you can record all the data and secure it your Healthy Locker. GOQii endows unlimited cloud storage to its users to store their sleep information and other health-related data to retrieve later while consulting with a doctor. GOQii has also collaborated with many diagnostic labs which can be booked utilizing the GOQii app. So, with this one gadget, you get plenty of advantages to explore for improving your standard of living and thereby the sleeping habits and fitness.

However, the few cons related to the device are:

  • You need to charge it in every 5 to 6 days where many devices require charging only once a month.
  • Syncing with Androids is not an issue, but people have faced problem while syncing it with iPhones.
  • Size is a little bigger than most of the sleep tracking wristbands.
  1. Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband

Coming in different sizes and colors the sleep tracker from Fitbit is highly alluring. Whether we talk about its technical features or the outlook, it has managed to impress the people in every field. Although it falls on relatively higher price range, once you see it, you can’t ignore it.

This is an amazing activity tracker which apart from taking a record of your sleeping behavior tells a lot about your body. Whether you want to wear it while workout, walking or sleeping, it will provide you with highly accurate data. Other than this, once you wear it on your wrist, it will definitely elevate your style quotient among your peers.

Some of the significant features of the product include the following:

  • It provides detailed information about your daily activity including the steps taken to the calories burnt.
  • It tracks the heart rate which makes it great to use while exercising and doing the cardio.
  • Taking the record of the sleeping pattern it bestows the information regarding your sleeping habit and provides essential measures as for how to improve it.
  • The in-built feature tracks how long you have taken a sound sleep and the movements that correspond to being awake.
  • There is a silent vibrating alarm as well to wake you up in the lighter phases of sleep.
  • There is an OLED display which showcases the data and once synced with the phone you could also get the notifications of SMS, calls, calendar and much more.

If you are looking for a stylish wristband which can fulfill every health tracking needs of your body, this could become your ultimate choice. The best part of this product is its interchangeable bands. You may change the band as per your mood or occasion and look stylish and elegant.

You can also utilize the connected GPS while running to draw more benefits from the gadget. Some additional features like personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate and personalized cardio fitness score come as alluring perks to explore with this amazing device.

Syncing it is smooth and free of hassles. It has excellent compatibility with a wide range of devices supporting Android and iOS.

The few difficulties people face with Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker are:

  • Late notifications.
  • Steps count even while sitting idle.

So, accuracy becomes a little matter of concern here. Otherwise, it makes a great product to take hold of your daily activities and sleeping behavior.

  1. Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker with AI and Personalized Mobile Health Coaching – 1 Month Subscription Plan (Black)

Boltt Fit is becoming the favorite choice of users who are looking for a device equipped with multiple functions at an affordable price. Providing a personalized health and fitness coaching, it has managed to grab maximum eyeballs and is on the verge of becoming the bestseller of the time.

It not only assists in providing the details about the sleeping behavior but every activity you conduct throughout the day. While in the night it records the sleeping pattern and the different phases of sleep, during the day it counts the steps taken, distance covered and the calories burnt. It can measure both- the quality and quality of your sleep.

Here are some of the features that have managed to allure people the most.

  • The presence of inbuilt sleep detection capabilities helps in monitoring both quality and quantity of sleep with precision.
  • There is an alarm reminder as well to wake you up from the lighter phases of sleep.
  • Made utilizing skin-friendly materials, this device is breathable and provides the desired ventilation to reduce the chances of sweat development.
  • One can access weight loss coaching with it where the plans comprise diet and exercises.
  • It comes with a subscription of Boltt Health app which contains is inbuilt with an AP personal that tracks every activity of the user.

This device is not only inexpensive but also comprises many additional advantages. Apart from recording the different phases of your sleep and detecting the movements, you made it also provide you the information about every activity you perform. It also guides to improve the eating habits, sleeping behavior, and the overall lifestyle.

Many devices become uncomfortable to wear especially while running and doing a workout in the summers due to sweat formation. Here, again Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker secures more points due to its functional bionic design. The use of skin-friendly materials makes sure that you will feel comfortable all the time.

From the stylish look to the functional features, all contribute to making it one potential sleep tracking device to consider. The accuracy of the device is also not questionable. For enhancing the efficiency, you can use the GPS mode as well.

The users face the few drawbacks like low battery backup and syncing issues. Also, some people complain of the app getting crashed while accessing the data. If we exclude these cons, it makes a perfect device coming at an affordable price.

  1. Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker (Black)

This activity tracker that also collects the data about sleeping behavior and sleep phases makes another worthy product in the list. Since it can track many activities, you get complete information about your body and fitness regimen.

Apart from providing the records related to sleep it also endows information like-

  • Step count
  • Calories burnt
  • Distance covered

You can monitor not only the sleep but activities accomplished all through the day. Another thing that enthralls people about the device is its water resistant feature. It can easily withstand 5 ATM water pressure, and you can use it while swimming without the fear of it getting damaged.

Let us check out some of the most alluring features of Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker.

  • There is independent GPS positioning which means it can work without getting synced with the phone as well.
  • Due to the water resistant feature, it can be used while swimming. There are no chances of it getting damaged even with moisture development due to sweat.
  • It provides sleep data collection which can be further studied to improve the sleeping behavior.
  • The additional features like alarm notifications, which include smart alarms and event alarms make it more interesting to splurge.
  • Once synced with the phone it provides notifications about the calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages, calendar events and much more.

It is an ergonomically designed wristband which looks highly stylish yet elegant. Comfortable to wear and doesn’t wriggle the wrist, it makes a great sleep tracking device of the time. When we talk about its accuracy, the users have found it highly precise in endowing the data of different activities including the sleeping pattern.

The integrated coach is an additional feature utilizing which you can get the guidelines to improve your workout, sleeping behavior, and overall lifestyle. Apart from these, excellent backup and battery life make the gadget more exciting.

In spite of having so many promising features, this activity and sleep tracker from Huawei is not able to store the sleep data other than the night time. Also operating the device could be troublesome for a few people as it doesn’t come with any user manual.

  1. Lenovo HW02 Plus Heart Rate Fitness Band (Fashion-Blue)


Lenovo is a reliable name when it comes to electronic devices and gadgets. It has launched a large number of electronic products among which fitness band are one. Featuring Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score it provides you the information regarding your fitness and health.

You can track your daily activities including the sleep pattern with the help of which it becomes easy to overcome different issues related to health and sleeping. Not just the features of the device are great, but the outlook is also very attractive. It is enough to elevate the style quotient of the user and enhance its personality.

Let us now look upon some of the significant features of the device.

  • Personal Activity Score provides you a detailed record of your health and fitness after monitoring your daily steps, sleeping hours, calorie intake and sedentary hours.
  • The band is ergonomically designed to elevate the level of comfort and make it perfect to use at any time of the day.
  • There is prime metallic buckle in the wristband to provide it a stylish look.
  • It is not only resistant to dirt and dust but also to water which makes it perfect to use underwater as well.
  • The sport and never sleep mode are additional features of this gadget.

The feature which makes the device interesting is its Personal Activity Intelligence score. It is considered that the score above 100 means that you are perfectly fit and have a healthy lifestyle. The low score, on the other hand, indicates the need for improving the sleeping and eating habits.

The display of the device is also amazing. There is hide-in display, and the OLED touch panel is 0.42 inch wide. It also provides personalized exercise guidance after getting an insight into your PAI score based on sleeping pattern and daily activities.

The few difficulties people face while using it are:

  • Low battery backup which doesn’t last for more than 12 to 15 hours.
  • The screen looks dull during the daytime.



These sleep tracking devices have managed to make a reliable place in the market.  Since they are equipped with every desirable feature and provide the information with much precision, their reliability has enhanced to a great extent.

So, if you are not feeling fresh and vibrant even after taking a sleep of 6 to 7 hours, it’s time to ponder upon a sleep tracker to know the sleeping behavior of your body. Once you splurge on a good sleep tracking device, you would be able to identify the issues related to disturbed sleep and could take steps to improve it.

However, if the problem is severe, getting the consultation of doctor would fetch better results. So, in which gadget you are investing?

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