Best iOS apps to track sleep.

When it becomes hard to get a sound sleep, sleep tracking apps come to rescue. They help in endowing every useful information regarding sleep pattern which in turn assist in optimizing the sleeping habit so that you can wake up feeling fresh and vibrant.

There are many apps designed to track the sleep. If you start searching the most viable sleep tracking app on your app store, you will come across with a long list. Each one of the apps is equipped with specific features that help in providing you the desired information regarding your sleeping habit.

If you are also looking forward to the best iOS apps to track sleep, the content below will help manifolds. Here, after carefully reviewing some of the best sleep tracking ios apps, we have enlisted the four best ones for you.

Check out the best iphone apps for sleep.

  1. Sleep Cycle

iphone apps to track sleep

Sleep Cycle is one of the most feasible iOS apps that can analyze your sleep and provide you with every bit of information. Due to its high potential for endowing results, it is considered the best in the sleep tracking business. Once you download the app in your iPhone, it will detect your movements while sleeping and monitor it with sound analysis.

It will tell you about the different phases of your sleep. More movements correspond to more disturbed sleep. Once awake you get plenty of statistics to ponder upon about your sleeping behavior. The add-on of the app is it will also tell you whether you snored while sleeping or not and with what intensity.

Sleep Cycle can be downloaded for free, and the core functionalities can be used. However, to get the premium version you need to spend around $30 every year. The extra perks of premium version are:

  • Online backup
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Philips Hue light bulb support
  1. Sleep Better

iphone sleep tracker

Sleep Better is a one-stop destination for people looking for a versatile app that can monitor a lot more than just sleep pattern. Once downloaded, all that you need is to keep it around you while being asleep and it will provide information like:

  • Different sleep cycles you have experienced
  • How well you have slept
  • How efficiently you snoozed

Other than these basic functionalities, Sleep Better can also provide you information like how stressed you have felt the entire day and how much caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol you have consumed. Since these things are related to influence your sleeping pattern, you can improve them accordingly.

There is one particular section dealing with the dreams which are enough to fascinate anyone. Here you can provide information regarding the dreams you see to relate it with your sleeping habits. You can also choose a holistic and spiritual approach and get the know-how of moon phases if you think it, in any way, affects your sleep.

With $2 in-app purchase you get the chance to unlock extra features like extended history and backup, choice of alarm sound and much more.

  1. Pillow

iphone phone tracking app

Pillow utilizes specific different techniques that most of the sleep tracking apps. There is Apple watch support indulged with Pillow which basically tracks your heart rate through your wrist. As soon you fall asleep it starts functioning and provides you the report in the next morning about your last night’s slumber.

Since Pillow is integrated with Apple Health, you can store all your data for the future consultation. Pillow can differentiate between a nap and a long stretch of sleep taken during the night so the data will be provided accordingly. The extra perks of getting qualitative data in the form of notes and a sneak peek at the mood tracking makes the app worth to splurge.

If you want to access every alluring feature of Pillow, you have to spend $5 as a one-off fee. With the premium version, you can personalize your settings and get recommendations on how to take sound sleep and improve sleeping habits. You will also remain updated with every scientific research getting accomplished regarding sleep.

  1. Sleep Tracker 24*7

sleep tracker iphone app

It is one of the most popular sleep monitoring apps available in the App Store since 2012. Committed to providing 90% accuracy, Sleep Tracker 24*7 is considered as the foremost option to splurge by people struggling with sleeping issues. Due to its versatility in providing various data with high precision, it has managed to make a remarkable place in the App Store.

Some of the significant areas that Sleep Tracker 24*7 cover are:

Other than these, it can fairly measure the resting heart rate with the help of an iPhone camera. It can keep a record of your daily activities especially those related to sleep. With Sleep Tracker 24*7 you also get 24 white noise sounds to help you sleep in lesser time and efforts.

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