Best Android apps to track sleep

When it comes to getting a sound sleep we don’t leave any stone unturned to get it. And why not, when a good sleep comes with so many advantages, it’s always a great idea to splurge on it.

Today, when everything has gone digital, our sleep trackers don’t want to lag behind. This is the reason why sleep trackers are available not only in the form of gadgets but also in the form of apps. All that you need is a smartphone equipped with a sleep tracker app, and you are all good to go.

So, here we have come up with some of the most prominent sleep tracking apps available in the play store of android supporting smartphones. Utilizing the accelerometer, mic and sensors these apps can provide you the details of your sleeping patterns and other related information.

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  1. Sleep As Android

It is one of the most successful sleep tracking apps available only for the Android users. It records the irregularities of sleep and displays the data next morning which can be improvised for getting better sleep. Made with the motto to help people in improving their sleeping habits, Sleep As Android is one of the most popular sleep tracking apps to splurge.

The primary areas where the app works include the following:

  • Track the sleep cycle and create a graph of records.
  • Detect whether you snore and the frequency of snoring.
  • Take the record of sleep talks.

Once downloaded, you need to keep the phone near your body to allow the sensors to work. The additional features of Sleep As Android like lullaby tunes to take you into a deep slumber and smart alarm clock to awake you with natural sounds make it more alluring.

Getting synced with multiple devices like Android wear, Galaxy Gear devices and Pebble it has gained the desired popularity. The app is entirely free with 14 days free trial of sleep tracking feature.


  1. SleepBot

If ads irritate you and spending money on buying an app seems useless, SleepBot could become your final choice. It tracks sleep cycle and different phases of sleep with much accuracy. Detecting your every movement and endowing data in the form of a graph helps in knowing the sleeping habit in detail.

Apart from this, it also records the words or sounds you have made while asleep. So, the next morning it becomes fascinating to know what kind of sleep talk you have performed.  It can keep a good record of your sleeping time and assist in improvising it to a great extent.

The app can be used for setting multiple alarms and waking you up during NREM (Non-rapid Eye Movement) sleep. The add-ons of the app are its auto-silence and airplane mode which keeps you away from being tracked while traveling.  You can backup your data anytime using cloud storage.

There is a special section dedicated to helping you perk up the sleeping habits. This section will guide you as to how to improve your lifestyle for getting better periods of sleep. So the app makes an excellent package coming for no cost.


  1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

The name of the app may sound just like an alarm clock, but it is equipped with many additional features. It is meant not only to provide soothing tunes to wake you up but a lot more than that. It tracks your movements while you are sleeping to offer you the information regarding the sleeping pattern.

The app detects the movements using the sounds and vibrations caused during it. It works on the formula of- the lesser are the movements, the better is the sleep. The whole data comes in the form of graphs and stats which can be studied to know the sleeping behavior of the person and after that steps can be taken to improve it.

The best part of splurging on the app is you can customize different features as per your choice. You can personalize the alarm sounds, motion detection, wake up phase and much more. The free version of the app is excellent comprising essential functionalities with ads. However, the pro version has its own set of advantages and additional features but is expensive to incur.


  1. Runtastic Sleep Better

Runtastic is known for developing many fitness apps among which Sleep Better is one. Monitoring your sleep and providing the detailed data in the most user-friendly ways has made it one lucrative option to ponder.

Other than tracking sleep, it can also track other features which are somehow related to sleep like:

  • Alcohol intake
  • Caffeine intake
  • Stress and much more

There is one built-in sleep diary to keep the record of your sleeping habits. Although the app is free and contains ads if you want its better version you need to upgrade to the full version with its in-app purchase.



My favorite out of all :

Out of all the apps I have tried , I like the runtastic app the most. It provides good graphical insights about your sleep,easy to navigate too.Good to track sleep patterns with this app. The only con is it consumes a lot of battery.
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