By now, even everyone living under a rock knows of the myriad of benefits a single Yoga session could do to you. Yoga is more than just the Physicality we associate with it and encompasses 8 different branches which includes, but is not limited to- the spiritual, mental and also the emotional transformations one experiences when we practice Yoga the correct way. Yoga came into my life when I wasn’t actively looking at making a career change or because I wanted to do something drastic – It happened as a result of me travelling to a small village in Northern India, where I met some of most incredible kids performing yoga to music.

I looked at them ‘perform’ and decided to find out how they made it look so effortless and graceful. It is no surprise that our city bred bodies lack the nutrition and vitality that our grandparents were blessed with and we have long forgotten how to maintain our supple selves. I asked them what was the correct way to practice Yoga and if there was some secret to putting their bodies through such contortions, to which I received the most peculiar advice. They told me to just START and let your body lead you instead of relying on something you’ve read or seen or heard even if that meant with touching your own toes or being able to squat. I got back home and gave a shot at taking their advice seriously and literally started with the most basic Physical Education lessons we had learnt in school- The Suryanamaskar or a Sun salutation.

I decided to begin with a single round of Suryanamaskar because I dint know much else and had no background or formal training in Yoga. I did, however, practice Yoga as a part of my warm ups from my days as a professional dancer. To be honest, I was prejudiced against Yoga thinking I would have to be extra flexible to practice and maybe make a lot of lifestyle changes , meditate for long hours when God knows I CANNOT -for the life of me- sit still for more than 3 minutes at a time and the million other misconceptions people believe is true. I say this from personal experience and from a space that is a 100% true that something changed inside me from the time I actively tuned into what my body was doing. I was not just physically moving and breathing into my body, NO. I was in fact tying my body together with my mind and most importantly breathing life into my very soul. With every slow movement and stretch of my muscles and breath that I was taking, I was eager to stay just a bit longer on my mat to prolong what I was feeling. The whole universe just felt sort of connected INSIDE me and I know it does sound outlandish. By performing a Suryanamaskar– you are essentially practicing 12 yoga postures that are associated with the movement of the SUN across the sky from dawn to dusk. I no longer felt fatigued or dull or lifeless and in fact experienced a reversal of these effects to feel revitalized, vibrant and full of energy or prana (healing energies). But you do have to bear in mind the most important thing – your time on the mat has to be replete with complete awareness and positive intention keeping your breath flowing freely, chanting the mantras that are associated with each posture and allowing your body and mind space to feel and just be present in the moment. Only then will you be able to understand and experience the mind boggling benefits of a single round of a Suryanamaskar and what it does to harmonize your body, mind and soul into a single coordinated entity.

The Suryanamaskar is the perfect method to tune the world out and find out what’s going on inside the body and just admire the way our minds and bodies are so connected and what that means and does to us lesser mortals in this Great Grand Universe.


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